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What is so special about the Mediterranean Diet?

Generally, the Mediterranean diet refers to the eating associated with people living in Spain, Turkey, Greece, and southern parts of Italy. It goes beyond food though. The diet also touches on the social patterns or ways of living of people in these regions. More than that, the diet has several appeals. For example, it is highly effective at reducing inflammation. The Mediterranean diet is also a great tool for anybody who is intent on losing weight or excess fat.

The diet is one of the healthiest in the history of humanity.

The diet refers to the following:

  1. High fiber foods, such as fruits and vegetables
  2. Quality proteins and fats
  3. Glass or two of wine made locally

So, what makes the Mediterranean diet special? What makes it stand out from other types of diets?

Fewest processed foods/sugars


Firstly, it contains the least amount of processed foods as well as sugars. The diet consists of mostly natural foods. Fruits and vegetables, peas and beans, olive oil. Animal products also feature though in small portions. There is no reason for worrying about stuff such as GMOs and sugary products in this diet.

The animal products involved are from fish, cows, sheep, and goats.

Lose weight healthily

weight loss

Today, everywhere you turn you are likely to read different publications advising you on how to lose weight. Sadly, some of these solutions prove a bit harmful to health.. The Mediterranean diet has proven a highly effective way of losing weight. Now, you can lose weight without struggling with pangs of hunger. The diet allows you to maintain weight realistically. The effects last a lifetime, as long as you continue on this path.

Improves cardiovascular health

The monounsaturated fats, as well as omega-3 foods found in the Mediterranean diet, make it ideal for improving cardiovascular health. Strict adherence to this diet reduces the risk of dying from cardiac diseases by as much as 30%. Heart diseases are often the result of lifestyle, which involves the kinds of food one eats. Since this kind of diet revolves around natural foods, the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases – or even dying from one – drops significantly.

The olive oil in the diet lowers hypertension too.

Fights cancer

Mediterranean diet has all the attributes you need in any food you eat to help fight cancer.

This happens because of a few components contained in the diet, which include:

  1. Essential fatty acids (such as omega-6  and omega-3)
  2. High fiber content
  3. Antioxidants
  4. Polyphenols derived from wine, olive oil, fruits and vegetables

The plant foods, which are the diet’s foundation, are capable of fighting cancer effectively.



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