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Shocking Signs and Symptoms of Stress

People display signs and symptoms of stress in various ways. In some people, the signs and symptoms tend to be more physical. Others tend to develop emotional signs and symptoms. A few signs are considered more common thus receive a lot of attention. Nevertheless, several shocking and surprising symptoms also exist. It is imperative to understand these different signs so you know whether you have stress or not.

Some people learn they are stressed when they suddenly begin sleeping a lot. Other individuals develop different types of sicknesses.

What are the most surprising and shocking signs of stress?

Not being yourself

Not being yourself

Such a sign is not easy to notice. Most times, other people will see the difference and begin mentioning it to you. Behavioural changes are often the result of excessive pressure that you struggle handling. When the pressure gets to a level that you struggle coping with despite your best efforts – or lack thereof

Neck pains

Neck pains

Your shoulder and neck grow too tense the more stress you struggle with. Yes, neck pain could be the result of spending too much time sitting while working on your computer. However, it can also be the result of stress. Neck pains are too common during the early days of stress. The muscles around your neck tighten the more stress you feel. The tightening makes it harder for your brain to receive the messages it needs to function optimally.

A simple massage can remedy the situation.

Massage offers you the chance to ease some of the symptoms while taking time off from work.

Biting nails

Biting nails

Often, people mistake the biting of nails as a sign of worry or not being in complete control of a particular situation. Some people bite their nails when feeling tensed. The truth is this could be a sign of deep levels of stress that you have probably not been able to recognize yet. Creative ways of dealing with this symptom exist. For example, apply the anti-biting liquid on your nails or fingers to dissuade you from biting them. Apply liquid that tastes horrible.

Other symptoms include twitching eyes and feeling sick, which make you feel nauseated.

Ulcers, colds and cold sores also emerge when stress enters your life.

Bad dreams and excessive sleepiness become the norm as you begin struggling with stress.



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