Why Water is a Great Alternative to Coffee in the Morning

Why Water is a Great Alternative to Coffee in the Morning

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. Roughly, 83% of adults in the United States take coffee. The beverage helps deal with issues such as stress. It is capable of reducing the symptoms of diseases such as Parkinson’s disease. It is great for the liver too. It leads to happiness. People who drink coffee regularly are less likely to be suicidal. It also reduces the risk of being diagnosed with skin cancer.

However, despite all these benefits, is coffee better than water?

The answer to this question is not as straightforward as you probably expect. The answer depends on issues such as time. For example, do you wish to decide between taking coffee or water in the morning? Likewise, would you like to know whether coffee rather than water should be your drink of choice at night, especially when you have a long night ahead of you? What do you need from your drink in the morning, during the day or at night?


The assumption all over the world is that coffee is made from beans that help you wake up in the morning and feel energized for the rest of the day. There is some truth to this belief. The phrase “wake up and smell the coffee” is not just a collection of words. It has a scientific basis. All the same, coffee is not an ideal choice for the morning. You are better off drinking water, as you will learn below.

Below are the reasons justifying the decision to drink water and not coffee in the morning.

The human body is 60% water.

When asleep, the human body loses a significant amount of water. This explains why many people wake up sweaty and feeling dehydrated. For this reason, the drink (or beverage) worth taking in the morning is water. A glass of water helps your body to recover some of the water lost while you slept. The body needs replenishing with water in the morning to enable it to function optimally once more.

Great for the Brain

Your brain needs water to think and evaluate different issues better. The brain has to be properly hydrated to function optimally. The balance between water and many other elements has to be perfect for the brain to operate well. Therefore, the first thought in your mind when you wake up in the morning should be to take enough water for the benefit of the brain. Otherwise, the brain will lose its efficiency; hence, hindering you from being productive.

For these reasons and more, water is a perfect alternative to coffee in the morning.

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