6 health Benefits of Yoga

6 health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is all about mastering the connection between the mind and body at a deeply spiritual level. Globally, roughly 2 billion people practice yoga. The reason yoga continues to be so popular around the world is because it works. Yoga is not a recent phenomenon. It originated in India thousands of years ago.

Yoga has several benefits, as you will see below.

1. Improved Flexibility

First, it improves flexibility. This benefit may cause some of you to imagine yoga as something the old should avoid. After all, the elderly cannot stretch the way gymnasts do. That’s not true though since yoga improves flexibility, which everybody needs. Yoga involves stretching the muscles thus releasing the lactic acid often responsible for fatigue, stiffness, tension, and pain.

yoga flex

2. Improves Strength

Yoga incorporates different styles. Some of the styles require a bit of vigor on the part of the practitioner. The more vigorously you practice it the more you improve your muscle tones. Those who wish to improve strength and endurance should practice specific styles of yoga such as Iyengar yoga.

The poses worth trying during a yoga session to improve upper-body strength include:

Downward dog

Downward dog

Upward dog

Upward dog


Plank PosePlank Pose

3. Improves Posture

The more flexible you get, the better your posture shall be. The more strength you get while practicing yoga, the better your posture shall be. The fact you rely on the deep abdominals to provide the support as well as strength needed while doing yoga guarantees the improved posture you need.

 4. Improved Breathing

Yoga involves deep, mindful breathing. It teaches you to breathe well. It enhances lung capacity, which is essential for improved breathing too. It increases your endurance and performance in any sport of your choosing. It does not focus on aerobic fitness. However, as you breathe hard in yoga, your experience will be akin to somebody in an aerobic session.

Yoga deepens and lengthens your breathing.


5. Reduces Stress, Enhances Calmness

Yoga is perfect for people who live or work in highly stressful surroundings. It encourages relaxation, which then helps to alleviate stress. It quietens the never-ending mind chatter that often acts as proof of stress. It focuses the mind on your breathing thus getting it away from the stressful thoughts that have bombarded it a long time.




6. Improves Concentration

Lastly, Yoga improves concentration and moods. After each yoga class, you are likely to feel much better and happier. Your moods improve substantially too. You are more contented with life; hence, able to focus on the most important stuff. Yoga helps alleviate the effects of depression too.



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